Next step

Do you feel that you should change your life, but you don´t know how to do that? You have really nice and beautiful girlfriend, who can take care about you and you love her so much that you would like to marry her? Try propose in Prague. We can help you with preparing your important day, when you tell her that she is the best and you would like to give her a ring that will seal your lives.First package offer you great dinner in gardens under the Prague Castle, where you will have perfect decorate place and there will be original atmosphere. You will feel like Prince and Princess, because all gardens will be closed only for you. Second package offer you luxury chateau, where you can enjoy spa procedures that you never tried. There will be very canny masseuse, who will relax your body and we are sure that you will like also peeling. Then there will be very tasty dinner from the best chief from restaurant that won very prestigious prize. And last bonus – you will have entrance to observatory, where you can express your offer for the best girl in your life, under thousands stars on the sky.

Great celebration

It will be probably the best celebration in your life, so enjoy that. We will take care about organization and you will have one important task – you must choose a ring. Only you know your girl, so you know which colour she likes and if she wants brilliant or saphir.